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Each class is paired with a delectable dinner. 

Classes by Rabbi Henoch Rosenfeld

Nov 2022 | Stop Chasing Happiness

It’s a question that has launched a thousand self-help seminars, a riddle that has perplexed multitudes: What is the secret of happiness?

This extraordinary 4 part course goes beneath the surface to find answers.

Synthesizing timeless Jewish wisdom and the latest findings from the field of positive psychology, we look at how meaning, trust, optimism, regret, faith, introspection, mindfulness, relationships, and ritual all interrelate with our outlook on life.

Packed with insights you can apply to real life, this course has an “aha” moment in every lesson.


Jan 2023 | The Dating Course

The “Jewish Dating Course” is a 4 part series that will take us on a thought provoking journey through into the timeless Jewish wisdom on finding our better half. 

With the inspiration from Torah, Kabbalah, and the most prolific Jewish thinkers, this course explores the concepts of values based dating, dealing with uncertainty, and of letting our mind - and not only our heart - lead the way when dating. 

Life is unpredictable. There is no fool-proof formula to dating. Which makes intentional, meaningful dating all the more important. 


May 2023 | The Communication Course

In Jewish philosophy, communication is more than just a tool: it is who we are. Humans are defined as communicative beings with a communicative soul, and aligning ourselves with this soul is our raison d’être.

In Communication: Its Art and Soul, we contrast Jewish thought with scientific discovery to unearth the essence of communication and how to utilize its powers to better ourselves, our relationships, and all of society.

August 2023 | The Real You

Stay tuned for details!

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