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Classes Located at The CYP Loft and taught by Rabbi Henoch Rosenfeld

In Jewish philosophy, communication is more than just a tool: it is who we are. Humans are defined as communicative beings with a communicative soul, and aligning ourselves with this soul is our raison d’être.

In Communication: Its Art and Soul, we contrast Jewish thought with scientific discovery to unearth the essence of communication and how to utilize its powers to better ourselves, our relationships, and all of society.

Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. Dinner will be served. 

May 23th

Others' Words: The Art of Listening

May 30rd

Wise Words: The Art of Positive Communication

June 6th

Behind the Words: The Art of Effective Communication

June 13th

Leading Words: The Art of Inspiration and Influence

05/23/2023 7:30 PM
Chabad Young Professionals
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Course Commitment
Course Commitment
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Couple $65.00
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Tier 4 $360.00
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