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Celebrate the mystical holiday of Lag Baomer with us, CYP style!

The vibe: Think rustic outdoorsy grill party.

The place: A picturesque S'Liberty backyard right on the crossroads of the East End and everything else.

The food: Artisan grilled meats and a curated selection of veggies roasted to perfection. Paired with condiments organically made from the finest ingredients. Craft beers and hard seltzer to compliment the signature spring cocktail. 

The people: Come chill with a traditional Lag Baomer bonfire, great music, and the fabulous company of fellow young Jewish professionals.

Thursday, May 19th | 7:30 PM | Private East Liberty Backyard

Hosts: Joe and Alex Friedman

05/19/2022 7:30 PM through  9:30 PM
Private Backyard
East Liberty, PA
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